Basic Chemistry C. Answers

Answers to all problems in Basic Chemistry C. English translation by Judith Ugelow Blak, Maria Pertl and Søren Halse.

Basic Chemistry C. Answers contains the answers to the numbered problems presented in Basic Chemistry C. These answers are intended for students who wish to confirm the correctness of the answers they arrive at.

The answers are presented as precisely and concisely as possible, and are accompanied by explanations only when necessary and when several answers are possible. For example, the answer will not state ”n(Na2SO4) = 0.0300 mol” if it is enough to write ”0.0300 mol”. Yet, the answer will state amount and result, such as ”[H3O+] = 0.055 M and [OH] = 1.8 × 10–13 M”, to avoid ambiguity. In other words, the student cannot expect to find the correct, full presentation of answers for all the calculations carried out. That is a habit students must develop in the course of classroom instruction and their own study.

The answers presented in this answer key are calculated using the atomic masses given in the periodic table at the end of Basic Chemistry C. The results have been rounded off using accepted rules of practice.

Comments and suggestions regarding the answer key, explanations and errors will be gratefully accepted



Helge Mygind, Ole Vesterlund Nielsen, Vibeke Axelsen






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